Facts about MHE
  • It goes by several different names​​

    • Multiple Hereditary Exostoses​ (MHE)

    • Hereditary Multiple Exostoses (HME)

    • Multiple Osteochondromas (MO)

  • It's a genetic bone disorder

  • Benign, cartilage capped tumors (aka exostoses or osteochondromas) grow along growth plates or flat bones

  • Several other issues can arise from the exostoses. These include:

    • compression of peripheral nerves or blood vessels​

    • irritation of tendons and muscles resulting in pain and loss of motion

    • skeletal deformity

    • short stature

    • limb length discrepancy

    • chronic pain and fatigue

    • mobility issues

    • early onset arthritis

    • increased risk of developing chondrosarcoma

  • People with MHE have a 50% chance of passing this disorder on to their children

  • Many people with MHE have multiple surgeries to remove exostoses

  • There are only three treatment options currently available

    • surgery

    • physical therapy

    • pain management


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