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We've been caring about kids with MHE and their siblings since 1999.  Being parents of kids with MHE who were having lots of surgeries, and having their brothers and sisters to worry about, too, made us realize that what happened in our homes was happening in other homes, as well.  Other kids were having painful recoveries, but cheered up and forgot their pain for a little while when a package arrived.   When siblings were included, they felt like they weren't forgotten, that having to take a second seat to the patient didn't mean they were not important, too.  We also realized that family and friends tended to make a big deal about the first surgery, and maybe the second, but after that, kids were lucky to get a card.


The We Care program provides gift packages for kids undergoing surgery and their siblings, free of charge, to kids all over the world.  We provide packages for each and every surgery, knowing that a surgery is important to the child having it, no matter if it's the first or the tenth... and we want that child, and his brothers and sisters, to know... well, We Care!




If your child is having surgery, please email us at and let us know your child's name, age, surgery date and type, mailing address, and the names and ages of siblings. 


Families in Canada, please contact for We Care packages.

Families in the UK, please contact Sarah Cookson at


We rely on the MHE community for support to keep this program growing.  The number of requests for packages is constantly growing as more people find our organization through social media.  In addition to monetary donations, we need items for the packages.  Often children who have received a package want to pay it forward, by donating items that will go to another child.  A wish list for our packages will be posted shortly, as this page is still a work in progress.

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