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The MHE Coalition is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization dedicated to  finding ways to help improve quality of life of those living with Multiple Hereditary Exostoses/Multiple Osteochondromatosis.  The MHE Coalition


·  Develops resources to create a better understanding of MHE and the challenges that it may present, including chronic pain and fatigue, educational and work-related issues, surgery tips, and more.  In addition, the ABC’s of MHE, written by some of the top orthopaedists in the U.S. treating the disorder, provides a comprehensive look at MHE,  how it can affect each part of the body, some of the corrective surgeries used in treatment, physical therapy, and more.

· Provides gift packages to children undergoing surgery and their siblings, and helps empower children, teens and young adults through the Bumpy Bone Club.  

· The Tom MacDonell MHE Scholarship Fund  provides orthopaedic residents selected by course chairs the opportunity to attend the renowned Annual Baltimore Limb Deformity Course, where they learn advanced techniques , planning of deformity correction treatments and receive hands-on training in specific procedures that will benefit MHE patients and others suffering from limb deformities.  Since establishing the scholarship in 2007, over 15 residents have been awarded the scholarship from our organization.. 

· Through our website, Facebook groups and annual gatherings, people can find support and information, and members are able to participate in research projects related to quality of life issues.


If you would like your donation to go to any specific program, please indicate below.  If not, your donation will be used where the need is greatest.  We are a volunteer-run organization, and no one receives compensation.







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Please make checks payable to the MHE Coalition and mail to:

Susan Wynn, The MHE Coalition, PO Box 651, Pine Island, NY 10969


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Your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law, and your support is greatly appreciated!


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