Meet Bethany, Sienna & Macy

After receiving their own We Care packages, these sisters decided to pay it forward and did a bake sale to purchase items for packages for other children!

Hi, we are Bethany, Sienna and Macy and we are all sisters. Bethany and Sienna have MHE along with our mum and Macy and our dad do not. We all love raising money and donating gifts to the Bumpy Bone Club. Every time one of us has surgery we like to send a box of goodies to the charity to think of the children who are in the same situation as us, it reminds us that we are not alone and there's children across the world with MHE. We would like to tell you a little about ourselves.


I'm Bethany and I'm 11 years old. My favourite things to do is colouring, drawing, dancing and going to town with my friends. I have had one operation so far on my right arm but luckily only had to stay in hospital for one night. Although I have MHE I try to do as much as I can such as walking 8 miles for charity.


I'm Sienna and I'm 10. I like making people laugh, watching TV and building Lego, oh yeah my favourite film is back to the future, I love it. I have had one operation on my leg but I recovered very quickly. I enjoy doing cake sales to raise money for the charity.


I'm Macy and I am 6. Although I have not got MHE I like looking after my mummy and sisters. I like cuddling people, playing with my family, swimming and laughing. When my sisters or my mums bones hurt I dress up in my nurses outfit and take care of them.

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