Bumpy Bone Club

You know a lot about what MHE means. You know what it's like to have bumpy bones. You know about going to the doctor and having X-rays. Maybe you've never had to have an operation, or maybe you've had lots. Maybe your arm is bumpy, maybe your leg...maybe both. Maybe you only have a few bumps, or maybe you have lots. Maybe you can run okay, but maybe you can't run at all and maybe you even have trouble walking sometimes. MHE affects different kids in different ways.


But did you know that MHE affects something besides your bones? It can also affect the way you feel. You might feel like you're the only one in the world who has bumpy bones. You may feel like none of the kids in your school will understand what MHE is. You might be embarrassed for people to see your bumps or scars. You might feel sad that you can't play sports or run as fast as other kids. You might feel like nobody understands you and that you're all alone... but you are not alone!   There are kids from all over the world with MHE who face the same problems. They get sad, mad, happy, afraid... They've shared many of the same experiences you have.  It can feel really great to make a new friend who understands just how you feel, so...come on in and join THE BUMPY BONE CLUB.


To have a Bumpy Bone Club Membership Kit mailed to you, please email Susan at mhecoalition@gmail.com with your name, age and address, and the names and ages of your brothers and sisters, whether or not they have MHE.  Please put Bumpy Bone Club Membership in the subject line of the email.  Membership kits are free, and we send them to kids all over the world!


If you are having surgery, we'd like to send you (and your brothers and sisters) a We Care Package, so we need to have the same information as above, plus the date of surgery, and what type of operation it is.  You can have a package for each surgery you have, because we know that each surgery is important to you, and you are important to us!


Coming soon:  We'll be featuring YOU!  Your photos, stories, poems, drawings... 

The Bumpy Bone Club will be YOUR part of this website!

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