Meet Howard & Michaela

With each surgery we send a We Care package, and Howard and Michaela believe in paying it forward.  They've sent DVDs and puzzles to us for other kids to enjoy!

Hi. My name is Howard and I am 10 years old. I have MHE, a heart problem, a lot of allergies and migraines. I have had 6 surgeries starting when I was 5 and have 12 surgery scars. I also had a schoolmate break my arm right after one of my casts came off. I have been in a LOT of casts. I like to play to Wii and enjoy playing Super Mario Brothers.


I am in the 4th grade and my teacher’s name is Mrs. Rogers. My Mom says I am really good at Math but I like Science. A cool science experiment I did was making a tornado inside a water bottle. I put salt, water, laundry detergent, and beads inside the bottle, sealed the cover and then shook it around to make a tornado.


I am Webelos scout in Cub Scouts. A couple months ago I made a Pinewood Derby car and won second place in the Webelos Den and got a trophy for ‘The Most BSA Like’ (that means “Most Boy Scouts like”) because I painted it blue and yellow and put our pack number on the car. I have 6 patches: ‘First responder’, ‘Webelos Walkabout’, ‘Stronger, Higher, Faster’, ‘Duty To God’, ‘Cast Iron Chef’, and ‘Game Designer’. I am working on my ‘Earth Rocks’ badge right now.


------ My name is Michaela and I am Howard’s sister. I am 9 years old and I am in the 3rd grade. I do not have MHE but my brother and my Dad do. I don’t like that my brother has a bone condition and my Mom has MS. I do a lot to help the family like getting drinks, putting on my brother’s socks and packing his bag, and helping make dinner and wash dishes.


I like to climb trees, eat my Mom’s lasagna and cook. I really like to cook crepes. When they are done I like to put strawberries in them and put chocolate sauce on top. Yum! I like to make crafts, draw and color. I really like the sing and watch Youtube videos. I have a dog named Peanut. He’s a really good dog.

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